NIB Research 7th Anniversary

NIB Research has entered its 7th year of operation and we would like to thank our clients, business partners and shareholders for their ongoing support. Furthermore, we are extremely grateful for cooperation from the management and IR teams of listed Japanese companies for accommodating our various client requests which resulted in continued strong demand for our proprietary research and IR interpreting / support services. Our investment advisory service also continued to do well, and we realize this was only possible as companies allocated their precious time to engage with us, so we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude.

Some notable highlights for the year that ended in January 2020 were as follows:

Research / IR Support Division

Responded to over 140 proprietary update / short research note requests from buy-side clients based in the UK, US and HK / Singapore.
Provided IR interpreting service for just over 600 company visits and conference calls involving overseas institutional investors.
Arranged nearly 480 IR conference calls / meetings directly with corporates on behalf of our overseas institutional investor clients.
Accompanied a food delivery company on their HK and Singapore non-deal IR roadshows to provide interpreting services; also arranged / interpreted for two Asian IR non-deal roadshows for a second-hand car information service company.
Chosen as the designated (or preferred) IR interpreter by five corporates involved in retail / fintech, food delivery, factory worker dispatch, temporary staffing / handicapped employment and second-hand car information service operations during various domestic IR events.

Investment Advisory Division

Over 120 meetings and calls with companies based on the combination of client requests and proactive efforts on our part to discover new investment ideas.
Roughly 100 proprietary research reports / follow-up update notes issued.

Best Regards,
Yuichi Ishikawa / Hiroshi Nishizawa / Harrison Bates / Nami Kiyokawa