NIB Research 1 Year Anniversary – Thanks Everyone

Dear Clients, Supporters and Friends

1 Feb 2014 marks the first anniversary of NIB Research, thanks to your backing we were able to have a successful year, particularly for a company that was established only 12 months ago. We realize this was only possible because of the strong support from our buy-side clients, sell-side salespeople / corporate access team members and last but not least the management / IR officers at the vast majority of listed Japanese companies who were generous enough to respond to overseas investor meeting, conference call and general update requests. Thus we would like to take this opportunity to say “thanks” to all of you and we look forward to doing business together again this year. Meanwhile, we need to apologize for the inconvenience caused on the few occasions when we had to turn jobs down (due to capacity constraints) during peak demand season.

The NIB management team are delighted with FY1/14 results as we were able to fulfill what we consider are the four minimum conditions of a successful company. In our mind these would be: 1) paying shareholders a dividend, 2) generating profits to pay taxes – a corporate social responsibility 3) being able to award employees / directors a modest bonus, and 4) still keeping some retained earnings for future investment in growing the business.

Notable NIB achievements during our first year would be:

– Responding to 220 proprietary updates / brief quick response research note requests from buy-side clients.

– Becoming a interpreting outsource partner to three overseas brokers based in Japan and the Hong Kong operation of a major domestic broker.

– Providing interpreting service for 310 company visits / conference calls involving overseas investors.

– Scheduling 110 visits / conference calls for Japanese-speaking overseas investors.

– Success in obtaining an Investment Advisory License from The Kanto Finance Bureau of MOF and becoming a member of the JIAA (Japan Investment Advisors Association) in December.

Meanwhile, we realize NIB is still just a “infant” company with much to learn and improve, thus would appreciate ongoing support and guidance from our clients, shareholders and the IR representatives of listed domestic firm.

Yuichi Ishikawa / Hiroshi Nishizawa / Harrison Bates