NIB Research 2nd Year Anniversary – Thanks for Your Continued Support

1 February 2015 marks the second anniversary of NIB Research, and the management team here would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, supporters and friends for their continued support which enabled us to have another great year!

Some notable milestones NIB Research achieved in the FY2/15 business year:

– Responded to over 250 proprietary updates / research note requests from buy-side clients (up 16% YoY).

– Becoming an IR interpretation outsourcing partner to five overseas investment brokerage firms based in Japan, one major domestic broker and the Hong Kong operation of a major Japanese broker (three additional brokers added us to their vendor list this year).

– Provided IR interpreting service for nearly 430 company visits / conference calls involving overseas investors (up 40% YoY).

– Scheduling over 120 IR visits / conference calls for Japanese speaking investors based overseas (up 10% YoY).

Meanwhile, the management team realize that NIB Research is still a small company with much to learn and improve upon, thus would appreciate ongoing support and guidance from our clients, shareholders and all the helpful company IR representatives that make our business possible.

Thank you again, Yuichi Ishikawa / Hiroshi Nishizawa / Harrison Bates.


2015年2月1日、NIBリサーチは無事2周年を迎えました。 これも皆さまの暖かいご支援の賜物とマネージメント一同、この場をお借りして厚く御礼申し上げます。


– 顧客投資家からの250件を超える個別リサーチリクエストにお応えしました(前年比16%増)。

– 今年新たに3社の証券会社様から通訳業務を受託し、現在外資系5社、主要国内証券会社の国内本社および香港拠点で、正式ベンダーとして ご契約いただいております。

– 海外投資家と日本企業とのIRミーティング / 電話会議の通訳件数は約430件(前年比40%増)となりました。

– IRミーティング / 電話会議のアレンジは120件を超えました(前年比10%増)。