NIB Research 4th Anniversary – Expansion

1 February 2017 marks the fourth anniversary of NIB Research, and the management team here would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their continued support, which has enabled us to grow the business once again (revenues up 25% YoY).

The two most notable events at NIB Research in the FY1/17 business year would have to be 1) capacity expansion and 2) the start-up of Advisory Services.

By the start of FY1/17 it was becoming painfully obvious that capacity constraints were holding us back in our proprietary research / IR interpreting activities, causing opportunity losses for us and occasionally causing inconveniences to our valued customers (especially during peak demand months). To address this issue we recruited an additional member, Nami Kiyokawa, this summer. The management team has worked with Nami before and have full confidence in her superior research and IR interpreting abilities. Although she has only been with us since August 2016, she has been successful in adding several new client accounts and has helped alleviate capacity issues we faced during peak demand season. So the management team at NIB has to agree that Prime Minister Abe was absolutely correct – adding more women to the workplace does make a company much better!

NIB obtained an Advisory License soon after establishment four years ago and this has paid-off in FY1/17, as our Advisory Team (following recruitment of an additional member) was able to sign advisory contracts with a number of overseas investment management firms.

One of the key strengths of NIB Research is bespoke client services, thus we continue to ensure full confidentiality on all client requests in all our service lines.

Some milestones, in actual numbers, for the year that end in January 2017 would be:
– Responded to over 230 proprietary updates / short research note requests from buy-side clients based in the UK, US and HK.

– We continue to be an IR interpreting outsource partner to six overseas investment banks based in Tokyo and four domestic brokers.

– Provided IR interpreting service for over 590 company visits / conference calls involving overseas investors.

– Arranged 320 IR conference calls / company visits for overseas investors directly.

– Assisted a TSE1 listed retailer on their UK, US and HK non-deal IR tours.

Meanwhile, we realize NIB is still a small company with much to improve upon, therefore would appreciate ongoing support and guidance from our clients, shareholders and business partners. Last but not least we would like to thank the management and IR teams of listed companies for their time and welcoming attitude – it is this accessibility that makes our job possible.

Best Regards, Yuichi Ishikawa / Hiroshi Nishizawa / Harrison Bates

1st February 2017