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Bespoke work is our specialty

NIB offers three main services:
1) Corporate Access / Research Services
2) IR Meeting Interpretation
3) Business Development Services
4) Investment Advisory (Professional investors only)


Corporate Access / Research Services

コーポレートアクセス ・調査業務

NIB offers comprehensive and customized corporate access support arranging everything from trip scheduling, interpretation during meetings and follow-up updates on request. Or if clients want quick update research on a company they own or have an interest in, we can contact them on their behalf. We also write brief bespoke research notes tailored to investor needs.Our goals is enhancing overseas investor access and understanding of Japanese listed corporations, and take pride in offering rapid and customized services to our clients. NIB members have corporate access, sales and research department backgrounds in the Japanese brokerage industry that ensures that your needs are met professionally.


IR Meeting Interpretation

IR 通訳サービス

NIB is not a generic interpreting / translation agency. We specialize on one-on-one IR meeting interpretation work. There is something always lost in translation, but we minimize the loss as our interpreters are all bilingual individuals with experience in Japanese broker sales and / or research departments. Our strength is not precise word-for-word or simultaneous interpretation; our focus is using our extensive industry backgrounds and improvising to get the key messages efficiently across to our clients.


Business Development Services


This service is aimed at overseas corporations / investors newly seeking to enter the Japan market through JVs and business tie-up with local Japanese firms.
We introduce overseas corporations to Japanese companies though our extensive knowledge of industry sectors.
In addition we offer our interpretation service to overcome the language hurdle and cultural barriers to enhance better communication between both parties.


Investment Advisory

(Professional investors only)

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